Social Marketing

The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.

Social Marketing

The digital and online sphere represents the fast paced, forward thinking aspect in media. Constant flux demands instant engagement and an ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in this arena. BMG is equipped with a team of experienced digital experts to work exclusively on delivering digital campaigns, interacting with bloggers and our social media team provides a bespoke service to those who require it.


BMG has championed the power and prowess of the blogger since our inception, in that time the blogger has become revered within the industry whilst heavily influencing consumer habits. They are our close allies. These trusted friendships and key relationships allow us to connect with bloggers on a physical level despite their existence on virtual platforms.


We have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of digital press and how to effectively get results. We work with you to create and distribute solid and engaging online campaigns that target specific consumers and direct traffic to your website, social media outlet or online retailer.


Here at BMG we can provide exactly that with our social media digital experts who think, live, and breathe social media. We provide traditional social media services including; monthly strategy calendars, campaign building that is tailored to suit your brand character and use reporting and analytics to measure the strength of content.


  • Art direction & casting
  • Video direction & production
  • Look books, brochures and campaigns


We create unconventional campaigns based on the communication goals and target groups of our clients. Our campaigns are online, on-air, and visible in the streets. We have particular experience in content creation, social media campaigns, videos and animations, and festivals and events.


We see brands as means to building communities. A strong brand enables your organization to establish meaningful relationships around your services, activities, or location. We build these communities on websites, social media platforms, and at events.


We build digital services for our clients, such as websites, blogs, apps, and newsletters. For these services user experience is key. To help our clients to find the best solutions, we team up with digital developers and interactive designers who are working with the latest technologies.


These times require organizations to come up with new solutions. We help them to make a difference. Our creative strategists analyse our clients’ challenges, bring in new ideas and concepts, and translate them into strategies and hands-on solutions. If necessary, our team of designers and copywriters assist in realizing our solutions.


We believe that a well-crafted visual identity is essential for the success of a brand. That’s why we translate your organization’s strategy into a look-and-feel that communicates the core values of a brand.


Our area of expertise is focused on producing compelling tailor-made visuals for brands wishing to set themselves apart with strong, meaningful and emotionally charged images.

We believe in crafting images with a soul, putting pride and sweat in our work, never letting outside factors stop us from achieving our goals. We have turned our passion into a lifestyle, and everything we own today comes from years of effort and dedication. So we know the value of a project, and that shows in the way we understand and respect yours.

Our Approach

  • Produce catchy, cinematic, naturalistic, poetic visuals
  • Tell a compelling story through a narrative that will leave a lasting impression
  • Have an “art first” approach throughout all areas of our work
  • Deliver high-quality products and services
  • Keep a zero non-sense attitude in all our projects