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we are

  • Creative innovators
  • Passionate and brand-driven
  • A mix of expertise

BLADI Media Group (BMG) is an Amsterdam based creative agency providing art direction, advertising, branding, editorial design and publishing for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

We are much more than a creative agency. BMG is an also fully integrated communications agency in the fashion and lifestyle sector.  We deliver conventional PR, creative marketing, brand development consultancy, creative solutions and events.

We operate successfully by providing original, creative strategies for brand development. We deliver solutions bespoke to our clients needs. We orchestrate all we do with meticulous planning and creativity to ensure an innovative tone of voice is consistently delivered to a media and consumer audience on a global scale.

BMG have a team of highly experienced creative professionals, well traveled and full of productive energy. All together we sum-up over 25 years of experience in Europe and North Africa, and we make sure you benefit from that when you chose to work with us.

Public & Media Relations

BMG approach to PR is one of duality, understanding the necessity to look to the future and engage in modern methods, whilst maintaining a traditional sensibility in the way in which we communicate.

Brand Development

When we say that we are more than a PR company, we mean it.

BMG seek to use intelligent initiatives, from collaborations to events, creating press worthy stories keeping your brand in the consumer and media spotlight.

Social Marketing

We have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of digital press and how to effectively get results. We work with you to create and distribute solid and engaging online campaigns that target specific consumers and direct traffic to your website, social media outlet or online retailer.

Event Management

We have an experienced events management team here at BMG, who work with you to produce a bespoke press worthy event no matter what your budget. We ensure that all aspects of the event fit harmoniously with the image of your brand. From inviting attendees and gaining drink sponsorship to coordinating entertainment and catering, BMG provide a professional events management service from start to finish.


BMG offers you the most comprehensive service, tailored to your needs. We work with publishers, non-publishers (public and corporate sector organisations and charities) and self-publishers (authors) to create professionally edited and beautifully designed content for books, journals, reports and magazines.


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